Dan Tao

The Philosopher Developer

I’m a software development manager currently residing in Austin, Texas. I work on the Bibucket team at Atlassian. Previously I worked at Google on the Ads Review team. Before that I was at a startup called Cardpool, and before that I was a consultant at ThoughtWorks.

I studied philosophy at Duke University, then a couple of years later went to Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley for a graduate degree in software engineering. In between I lived with my wife in Namibia for a year through WorldTeach, an organization that places volunteer teachers in developing countries around the world.

One principle I believe in quite strongly is that there’s really no place for arrogance in this world. Having lived in Silicon Valley, I can’t help but feel that most of us in this industry are encouraged to forget that. The culture is one seemingly designed to inflate egos and reward self-importance. Having said that, I realize that I’m guilty of it as well. So let this page serve as my perpetual apology for ever letting my head get too big, or acting like I know what I’m talking about.